The Ministry of Education conducted structural changes

According to the order of the Minister of Education Mikayil Jabbarov, the Finance and Audit Department was established on the basis of the Department of Economics. As well as, the Department of Initial Professional and Secondary Specialized Education was abolished and Initial Vocational Training Office was established. The Minister also ordered to rename the Further Education Office of the Human Resources Department into the Civil Service Issues Office and the Preschool and General Education Department into the General and Preschool Education Department.

The name of the Science and Higher Education Department was changed to the Science, Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Department, while the Higher, Secondary Specialized and Further Education Office was set up on the basis of the Student Support and Exchange Program and Higher Education Offices.

The Ministry’s Legal Expertise and Licensing Department is now called the Legal Department and the Licensing and Accreditation Office was renamed into Legal Provision Office.

The Office for Work with NGOs and Mass Media was renamed into the Public Relations Office.

The Protocol Office was transferred to the International Cooperation Department.