Media representatives observed the examination process

On January 7, the media tour was held at Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry with the organizational support of the Ministry of Education in order to observe the end-of-semester examinations. The media tour was attended by more than 20 mass media representatives.

It should be noted that the media tour was held according to the Order of the Minister of Education on "The organization and conductions of examinations".

During the media tour, the media representatives were informed that appropriate measures were taken by the University in order to organize the 2015-2016 academic year fall semester examinations in accordance with the existing rules and to ensure objectivity in the assessment of students' knowledge. Favorable conditions were created for the participation of the parents in order to protect transparency in the examination process. In this regard, special announcements were written at the University. Each student's parent can participate in the exams by submitting the identity card.

During the familiarization period, starting from the Examination Center, media representatives were informed that the preparatory work for examinations was begun at the University in early December last year. It was noted that the examinations of part-time students began on December 22 and the examinations of full-time students began on December 29.

The Examination Center determined the list of 7 departments, the classrooms where SABAH groups will pass an examination and the teachers who will supervise the examination. At the Center, the folders were prepared in order to record the name of each department, the subject for which a group and student will take an exam, and the room number. The examination papers and sealed blank answer sheets were placed in each folder according to the number of students taking an exam.

Media representatives watched the progress of examinations in several classrooms of the university, and got acquainted with the process of checking the exam answers at the Center for Information and Communication Technology and the Innovation Technology Transfer Center.

Within the framework of the media tour, Mustafa Babanli, Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, met with mass media representatives. M. Babanli provided detailed information about the steps being taken by the education institution headed by him in order to organize the preparatory work for examinations, to create favorable conditions for the evaluation of students' knowledge and to ensure transparency.