24.12.2015 17:29

Turkic World Economists Association was established at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC)

On December 24, the event was held to mark the 85th anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

The participants of the event familiarized themselves with the art exhibition, consisting of handicrafts of UNEC students and employees, as well as with caricature and book exhibitions. The anniversary event began with listening to the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Beginning his speech with the idea "I am proud that we have a higher education", expressed by National Leader Heydar Aliyev during his visit to the university in 2002, Adalat Muradov, Rector of UNEC, professor, noted that our eminent professors, who have made significant contributions and services to economic science, have a big hand on the glorious 85-year way of the university. Noting that the strategic target of the university is to increase the teaching staff’s capacity, Rector said that considerable work was done in the direction of improving this potential. Rector also mentioned about the salaries increased in three stages within the two year’s period and the indicator for the pedagogical personnel’s salaries which is the highest among the higher education institutions. He underlined that the increase in salaries is not the limit; the work in this direction is in progress.

Speaking about the work done at the university, Rector said that UNEC teachers will be promoted to perform as the experts by establishing new journal “UNEC Expert”. The journal will be published in the first quarter of the next year.

Saying that they will mobilize their forces for the execution of the task put before them by the President Ilham Aliyev - the transformation of Azerbaijan State University of Economics into a world-class university, Rector added that in the 90-year anniversary of UNEC, we would rise it up to the TOP-1000 in the QS World University Rankings.

Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, mentioned that Azerbaijan State University of Economics, providing a unique contribution to the development of higher education, plays an important role in solving the country’s social and economic problems. According to the Minister, Azerbaijan needs to have well-educated, thoughtful and creative professionals with good knowledge of the business environment in a globalized world in terms of the economic challenges encountered. World experience shows that the level of development of any country is determined by human resources generating higher yields. The work done by the University of Economics for preparing such personnel is praiseworthy.

Mikayil Jabbarov says I believe that the main objective of the 85-year-old University of Economics is to adapt the higher education to international standards by noting that the internationalization of higher education is the global process today. At the same time, preservation of scientific potential in education, as well as training of scientific pedagogical personnel are the main objectives standing ahead: "The project of “Young teachers” implemented by UNEC is very pleased from this point. 121 young teachers were recruited to the university most of which are graduates of the prestigious universities of the Europe, US and Canada. The process should be continued and cover other universities. I believe that the involvement of young professionals, studying abroad, in the scientific and pedagogical activity will fundamentally help to solve the problems in education".

Paying tribute to those who established Azerbaijan State University of Economics and contributed to its development, M.Jabbarov expressed hope for the staff team that they will do their best in training young economists for the sustainable development of independent Azerbaijan.

M. Jabbarov’s speech ended with these words: “Today is Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's birthday. I congratulate our President on behalf of the entire educational community. I think that the greatest contribution we can make to our country is to approach to our work with professionalism and conscience".

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the university, a group of employees were awarded badges of “Advanced education worker” and honorary diplomas by the Order of Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education.

Darhan Kidirali, Head of the International Turkic Academy, Professor, congratulated UNEC’s academic staff on the occasion of the jubilee. Speaking about the significance of Turkic World Economists Association recently established at UNEC, D.Kidirali highlighted that building and developing cooperation among the economists of Turkic World is an important contribution to the further economic development of these countries.

Hidayat Jafarov, Head of the Department of Azerbaijani History of UNEC, Professor, took a glance at the 85-year history traversed by the university.

Then, newly created diskurs.az - virtual economic forum of UNEC was presented. A film “UNEC - 85 facts” reflecting the history of the university was shown. The event was followed with the performances of the members of UNEC Creative Center.

Azerbaijan State University of Economics