Diagnostic evaluation of teachers continues

On December 9, the diagnostic evaluation of knowledge and skills of teachers working at general educational institutions of Hajigabul, Sabirabad, Imishli, Saatli regions and Shirvan city began in Shirvan city.

More than 6500 teachers will participate in the examinations held at Shirvan Olympic Sports Complex. Diagnostic assessment is carried out on the basis of software through computers. During the evaluation process, 40 test questions in the specialty according to general education program, 20 test questions in methods and learning strategies are submitted to participants. According to the relevant rules, each correct answer is estimated by 1 point. The knowledge and skills of the teachers, who correctly answered at least 10 percent of test questions in each section, are considered diagnostically evaluated.

The diagnostic evaluation, held in Shirvan city on December 9-13, will be attended by teachers, who work under labor agreement in secondary schools, included in the system of the Ministry of Education, as their principal place of work, as well as resource teachers and heads of pre-conscription military training of youth.

It should be noted that after completion of the examinations, teachers will be able to get acquainted with the results of the diagnostic evaluation.