The 2nd Forum of students of SABAH groups

On December 4, the 2nd SABAH Forum started its work with the organizational support of the Ministry of Education.

The Forum was attended by students studying at SABAH groups of higher education institutions. The main objective of the Forum is to hold discussions with students studying at SABAH groups, to provide support for the development of their intellectual and creative potential, to create an environment necessary for active dialogue among students.

The Forum began with listening to National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, welcomed the participants and wished success to the forum. According to the Minister, it is important to improve the quality of higher education in order to help our country gain regional and global competitive advantages. Special care and attention, paid to the development of education by the country's leadership, pave the way for reforms in this field.

Noting that a new phase of reforms in the field of higher education has begun, Minister of Education underlined that they had high hopes for SABAH groups in terms of the training of personnel having competitive capacity and meeting modern challenges. The Minister drew attention to the importance of creating an innovative environment that allows us to mobilize the existing potential in the field of higher education.

At the end of his speech, Mikayil Jabbarov expressed hope that students studying at SABAH groups would make a valuable contribution to the development of our country in the near future.

During the event, 3rd year students studying at SABAH groups made speeches, as well as video footage related to the 1st SABAH Forum was shown.

On the second day of the Forum, extensive discussions will be held about education and career development at modern labor market conditions, as well as "Master classes" and intellectual games will be held among students.

It should be noted that SABAH groups are operating in 45 specialties in 11 higher education institutions which have scientific-pedagogical potential, learning laboratory and material and technical base. 1629 students are studying in these groups and are being taught by about 500 teachers. In SABAH groups, the teaching process is held on the basis of distinctive program, special scholarships are given to students, at the same time, the students from low-income families are provided with a hostel.