The first stage of the Republican contest “Electronic Education” has been completed

941 projects have been submitted for the first stage of the contest. 41 of them have not been accepted because they didn't conform to the conditions of the contest.

Eventually, 900 projects have been received for the contest. 545 of them have been sent by teachers and 355 of have been sent by pupils. The projects have been submitted to the Expert Commission in order to evaluate on the basis of the criteria established for the second stage. The results of the second stage and the names of nominees will be announced at the end of November this year.

It should be noted that the contest, dedicated to the use of information technology in education, has been organized in 6 categories on the directions of "Teacher" and "Student".

The purpose of the contest is to provide support for the activities of teachers who actively use information technology in the teaching process, to promote the best electronic teaching aids among a wide audience of users, to inform the educational community of the country about the new teaching methods implemented by using the possibilities of the internet, to seek new forms of ICT application for teaching purposes, to expand the use of electronic resources in educational institutions, to motivate teachers and pupils to create electronic resources and to use the available resources.

The contest has been attended by the teaching staff of general education institutions, the Methodist experts of institutions engaged in advanced training and retraining of teaching staff, as well as the pupils. Laptops, tablets, printers and other special prizes will be presented to winners.

The contest is supported by  "Dr. Web "," AzEduNet "," Ultra ", the Additional Education Center for "Innovative Technologies in Education", "Edumedia Azerbaijan" and "Nar Mobile".

It should be noted that in general, more than 5000 projects have been submitted so far for the contest organized since 2010.