On October 9, the opening ceremony of Shamkir city secondary school named after Nizami Ganjavi was held.

The ceremony was attended by Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, Alimpasha Mammadov, head of executive power of Shamkir region, and representatives of the region's educational community.

First of all, the guests got acquainted with the school building. It was noted that the construction of Shamkir city secondary school named after Nizami Ganjavi, that was built by the Ministry of Education for 640 pupils, began in December last year. There are 26 classrooms, 2 Chemistry, 2, biology and 2 physics labs, 2 labor training rooms, computer room, 2 training rooms for distance education system, an assembly hall, a gym, a library and a football ground at school,  built with high quality materials over 10 months. The school building was equipped with video surveillance, fire alarm systems, Internet and telephone lines.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, noted that more than 3,000 secondary schools had been built and overhauled in Azerbaijan in the last 12 years. The construction of the educational institution in Shamkir is a good example of the care and attention of the President to the field of education. Thanks to this attention, new school buildings are constructed in all regions and cities of the country and continuous measures are implemented in order to strengthen the material and technical base of educational institutions. All conditions were provided for receiving a quality education at school that was newly put into operation.

In the end, they talked with the educational community of the region and teaching staff of this educational institution.