Within the framework of “Təməl” Scholarship Program, the Ministry of Education organized the qualification upgrading courses in accordance with the needs in order to ensure the professional development of teachers working at the primary education level.

The qualification upgrading courses were conducted by “İnkişaf” Scientific-Practical Center with the financial support of UNICEF.
After analyzing the results of monitoring conducted to determine the content of the qualification upgrading course, the 132-hour course was determined for the selected teachers. First of all, 114 teachers, who teach in the fourth grades this year, were involved in the qualification upgrading course as the target group. The courses, attended by teachers working in schools mainly located in the surrounding residential areas of Baku, were held at 5 training centers.
Galina Heinzelmann, practical psychologist invited from Germany, met with the trainees and answered their questions.
At the end of the qualification upgrading course, the trainees were assessed. In general, 113 out of 114 trainees participated in the assessment process and 65 of them (57%) showed good results.
The certification process of trainees was held at 2 levels.
In the coming days, the closing ceremony of “Təməl” Scholarship Program will be held.