On September 1, the opening ceremony of the School Management training course, organized in Guba in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Additional Training Center for "Innovative Technologies in Education" and the Abu Dhabi Campus of Paris Sorbonne University, was held.

The event was attended by Jeyhun Bayramov, Deputy Minister of Education, and Pascal Meunier, Ambassador of the Republic of France to Azerbaijan.
Pascal Meunier emphasized that there is close cooperation between Azerbaijan and France in all fields and the joint activities in the field of education are based on mutual benefit. The ambassador also noted that there are great opportunities for graduates to study in France.
Jeyhun Bayramov, Deputy Minister of Education, noted that along with the school principals, subordinated to the Ministry of Education, as well as recommended by Baku City Education Department, the heads of Sumgait and other city (district) schools, achieved good results in the final exams for the academic year 2013-2014, participated in the training courses. The Deputy Minister also mentioned that the main objective of the intensive training program is to introduce the concept of advanced training system and effective school management for selected school principals and to develop leadership potential of school managers.
The training course, which will last until September 9, will be conducted by Professor Florent Pratlong, specially invited from Paris Sorbonne University. In addition, the interactive sessions on leadership, protection of student health within the school, time management, development of presentation skills and other topics will be organized by local trainers within the framework of the course.
At the end of the course, the participants will be charged with long-term tasks related to school management and the online monitoring will be conducted based on their results.