21.09.2015 12:11

The Ministry of Education has organized a summer school for students of SABAH groups in London, Great Britain.

The students of SABAH groups took part in an intensive English language course of EF International Language School within the framework of the summer school. The purpose of the course was to create favorable conditions for the growth of well-educated, skilled and trained students, to improve the English language skills of students of SABAH groups in the visual environment in accordance with the growing demands of the labor market, to support the expansion of their worldviews.
During the intensive course, each participant was taught general English on the basis of individual curriculum. The classes were conducted in the form of interactive discussion, lecture, "online" test and working on practical exercises. They provided the parallel development of students` academic writing, reading, speaking and listening skills in English. At the end of a two-week course, students received a certificate by taking part in the examination.
The students were involved in the debating club, the essay contest and the discussion of the film beyond the teaching hours. They visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Madame Tussaud`s museum, the House of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, St. James's Park, the Greenwich meridian, the National Gallery and other historical and cultural sites.
Acquaintance and communication with people from different countries provided great support for the development of worldviews and communication skills of students of SABAH groups.