On August 6, the meeting was held by the teaching staff of Azerbaijan Technological University in Ganja.

The activity of the higher education institution was widely discussed at the meeting, held with the participation of Firudin Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Yagub Piriyev, Deputy Head of Administration of the Education Ministry, and other officials.
Giving a speech, F.Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Education, provided detailed information about the processes taking place recently around the university.
He noted that, as a result of the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Finance and the accreditation held by the Ministry of Education, several shortcomings were revealed in the university, some members of staff gave way to negative circumstances, the inspection materials were sent to the prosecution authorities. He also mentioned that such cases damaged the image of the university.
In his speech, Firudin Gurbanov noted that in accordance with the decision of Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education, several executives of the University were dismissed for their shortcomings and the rector was reprimanded.
Introducing the newly appointed Pro-Rectors for Academic Affairs, also for Science and Technology to the staff, F.Gurbanov underlined the Minister`s instructions on providing the University with young and perspective employees, normalizing moral and psychological state in the collective, strengthening financial discipline, improving the quality of education. Also, in accordance with the order of the Minister, it was planned to submit a detailed report on the results of the academic year 2015/2016 by the University at the collegial meeting of the Ministry.
In turn, the Ministry of Education would continue to take the necessary steps towards improving the quality of personnel training in this higher education institution.
Akif Suleymanov, Rector, who had just returned home after treatment, also made a speech at the meeting and noted that the staff led by him would draw an inference from the objurgations addressed to them, would organize their activities in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and would work hard for the full implementation of the objectives that were put forward.
The meeting was also attended by senior officials of the Executive Power of Ganja City.