The competition for the recruitment of teachers to general education institutions and vocational lyceums has ended.

18573 people have participated in the competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers. 2212 people have achieved good results, have won the right to take up a vacant post and have been invited for an interview. According to the results of the interview, it has been decided to hire 1892 people.
The most preferred vacancies among candidates are as follows: 345 seats in Baku, 83 seats in Jalilabad region, 71 seats in Lerik region. Many jobs have been taken up on the following subjects: 335 seats for primary school, 206 seats for geography, 156 seats for chemistry.
The teachers, whose recruitment has been assented, will begin their teaching activities by submitting documents to the relevant schools starting from September 1.
The additional placement process will be conducted from August 5 to 10 for the vacant positions that have not been taken up in accordance with the rules and have been refused. The candidates, reaching a passing score in the examinations but failing to take up a vacant post, as well as refusing to accept a new position, can participate in the additional placement process.