21.09.2015 12:11

The scope of the base institutions of higher education and the different specialties on SABAH groups expands.

So, starting from the next academic year, 4 education institutions (Baku Music Academy, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts and Baku Slavic University) will be included among 7 base institutions of higher education. This is due to the increasing number of specialties on SABAH groups. In the past academic year, admission to SABAH groups was carried out on 5 specialty groups, but now their number has increased to 6.
A total of 1636 students will receive education in SABAH groups in the new academic year. 755 of them are students admitted to SABAH groups in the past academic year and the remaining 881 persons are the newly admitted students.
It should be noted that SABAH groups began operating in the academic year 2014-2015. At the initial stage, personnel training was conducted on 39 specialties in SABAH groups, established in 7 higher education institutions. The total number of specialties will be 45 in the current year.