21.09.2015 12:11

The competition for the recruitment of teachers continues.

The examination has been conducted on 14 subjects within the framework of a week-long competition. A total of 12 076 people have participated in these exams. The specialty exams in primary school, music, fine art, technology will be held from July 27 to 29.
According to the results of the examinations conducted so far, 1 733 people have won the right to take up a vacant post chosen by them and have been admitted to the interview stage of the competition. 186 of them are teachers of Azerbaijani language and literature, 138 of them are English language teachers, 39 of them are Russian language teachers, 5 of them are teachers of Russian language and literature, 9 of them are German language teachers, 10 of them are French language teachers, 145 of them are mathematics teachers, 153 of them are computer science teachers, 144 of them are physics teachers, 185 of them are chemistry teachers, 149 of them are biology teachers, 261 of them are geography teachers, 152 of them are history teachers, 157 of them are physical education teachers. The interview stage will be held from July 30 to August 3 upon completion of the examinations.
According to the results of the competition, the additional placement process will be carried out for the vacant positions after August 5. The candidates, reaching a passing score but failing to take up a vacant post, can participate in the additional placement process.