Rules for organization of formal education

Approved by the decision of the
Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan
 No. 147 of August 6, 2010
1. The current Rules have been prepared in accordance with the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On Education” and regulated the organization of formal education. 
2. The formal education is a form of training that ends with the provision of the public document. 
3. General education, initial vocational education, secondary special education, higher education, retraining education, second higher or secondary special education considered to the formal education due to the provision of the public education document.
4. Formal education implementing via full – time, part-time, distance (remote), and free (external) forms of study defined by the legislation. 
5. Application of training forms in the educational stages and levels defining in the following order:
5.1. General education stage:
Primary education level – full-time;
General secondary education level – full-time, free (externship)
Full secondary education level – full-time, free (externship)
5.2. Initial vocational stage:
- Full-time;
5.3. Secondary special education stage:
- Full-time, part-time, distance;
5.4. Higher education stage:
Bachelor degree level - full-time, part-time, distance;
Master’s degree level - full-time, part-time;
Doctoral level – full-time;
5.5. Retraining education:
5.6. Second higher or secondary special education:
- Full-time, part-time.
6. Home and private education organized according to the Law in the general education level is being considered formal education as well.
7. Home and individual education, as well as general education for disabled children is organized only in the full-time form.
8. The formal education is implemented at general, vocational, secondary special, higher and additional educational institutions.
9. The formal education is organized based on the educational programs (curriculums) ratified by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic in line with state standards.
10. Terms of formal education are being determined by educational programs (curriculums).
11. Education program (curriculum) for free (external) education is being considered the education program (curriculum) of full-time education on the relevant education level.