Rules for thesis preparation at the baccalaureate level of university

Executive order of the Ministry of Education on approving of rules for thesis preparation at the baccalaureate level of university
In order to prepare a thesis of bachelor-level students of universities and regulate its defense matters, I hereby order as follows:
1. Approve Rules for preparation of the thesis for the bachelor level of universities (attached).
2. Head of universities should be guided the approved document during the preparation and organization of thesis defense.
3. Department for higher and secondary special education should ensure the delivery of documents to relevant bodies.
Minister of Education of
Republic of Azerbaijan
 13 march, 1997

Rules for preparation of thesis for the bachelor degree level of university
1. General provisions
1.1 Thesis is a last stage of study for the bachelor degree level and aims to:
- systematize strengthen and expand theoretical and practical knowledge received within the relevant direction (specialty), improve analytical and creative thinking, transfer of skills to solve standard tasks, as well as apply for technical, economic, productive and cultural construction matters;
- develop the ability to work independently, as well as acquire methods to investigate problems and questions reflected on the thesis;
- define the preparation level of students to work in the relevant fields of the modern industry, science, technique and culture;
1.2. The defense of the thesis despite being part of the final state attestation is a last attestation of students as well. Based on the attestation results graduate receives a specialist degree.
1.3. Thesis should have a scientific and practical meaning.
1.4. Bachelor students successfully passing all attestation tests, including state exam on subject or inter-subjects final exam are eligible to defend a thesis.
2. Thesis topics
2.1. Thesis topics should respond to the graduates’ ability to analyze issues related to the production based on the modern requirements of science and technology, as well as to be prepared for study at Master's degree level, in accordance with this direction or specialty. Moreover, it should respond to the scope and content of theoretical and practical knowledge of students received at the baccalaureate level of universities.
2.2. Thesis topics are determined by the relevant departments and approved by the Scientific Council of the faculty. A student is also allowed to select a topic. However, this topic should be submitted to the department for discussion and approval.  
2.3. Supervisor provides student with a form and length of the thesis defined by the university 4 month before the defense to fulfill the thesis.
3. Thesis structure, content and preparation
1.1. The thesis should have the following structure:
- banner page ( founder, education establishment, faculty, direction or specialty, title, supervisor, student name);
- task list of the thesis;
- abstract;
-  contents;
- introduction;
- acknowledgements;
-  results or suggestions;
-  list of used literature;
- appendices (if provided).
1.2. General requirements and prepared rules for thesis are prepared based on the personnel training profile of the university and approved by the Scientific Council. The size for the thesis is approximately 1.5-2.5 print pages depending on the direction (specialty).
1.3. Thesis is required to be submitted in writing or typing form.
1.4. Thesis, except supervisors, is estimated by another expert as well.
1.5. Thesis content should respond to requirements defined by the state standards for bachelor degree level of universities.
4. Thesis organization and preservation of defended works
4.1. Thesis defense is organized by Commission established according to the Regulations on state attestation of bachelor-level students of universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”
4.2. Thesis preparation, allocation of time for supervision and defense, time determination for the academic year of professors and teachers are defined based on the determined document on main types of scientific-research, scientific –methodical and other works.
4.3. Preservation of the thesis is implemented based on the procedures defined by the relevant law. Thesis prepared in art, music and other fields could be used within the rules defined by the university.