Temporary regulation on the multi-tier structure of the higher education at the Republic of Azerbaijan

Approved in accordance with the executive order #399,
May 07, 1993, of the Minister of Education
of the Republic of Azerbaijan
General provisions
1. The affirmation of multi-tier structure of the higher education at the Republic of Azerbaijan guarantees the scientific, professional and general training of specialists in compliance with the world standards. 
2 The development experience of the higher education at developed countries, and International standards for education adopted by UNESCO are being used in this structure. 
3. The transfer into the new multi-tier education system will begin in 1993/1994 school year by preserving the existing education system for students currently studying at universities. 
Features of the higher education structure
1. The higher education consists of educational vocational programs encompassed all areas of science, technique and culture, creates an opportunity to the individual for obtaining systematic knowledge on human nature and society, history and culture, as well as fundamental scientific and vocational knowledge on the educational directions.
2. The Republic of Azerbaijan conducts a three-tier education (bachelor, master and doctoral study) by taken into account the potential of personnel and material and technical base of universities.
3. The term of study for the Bachelor degree is 3-4 years. 
4. At the Bachelor level of universities students are taken a final state examination from all subjects, including foreign language.
5. Graduates, who have finished their study at the first level with success, are granting Bachelor and scientific degrees by the decision of Scientific Council. Students studied by correspondence tuition, externship and in the evening classes could only receive a Bachelor degree.
6. Students received Bachelor and scientific degrees, as well as gained an appropriate rank can continue their education in the magistracy. Students with the low rank should work in the factory at least two years in order to be admitted to the magistracy through the prescribed procedure. 
7. Graduates of the single- tier universities received the appropriate rank can take part in the contest for the magistracy.
8. The term of study in the Master’s level is 2 (two) years. The deep researches are conducted, and great deal of attention is paid to the development of scientific research skill and habits in this level. 
9. Graduates of master's degree are granting the “Master” and scientific degrees by Scientific Council and gaining a right to work on specialty.
10. Graduates granting a master's degree, who have demonstrated a special scientific preparedness, the skill and precise scientific results are being passed to the third level (doctoral candidacy) by the Scientific Council and have an opportunity to continue their education in accordance with the prescribed procedure.  
11. Masters degree specialists have the right to work at the baccalaureate level of universities (as well as at single-tier universities), doctoral candidates, as well as candidates of science have the right to work at Magistracy level of universities, and multi-tier educational establishments.
Scientific fields, directions and list of specialists are being approved by the Republican Higher and Secondary Special Education Ministry.