Content and organization of the master degree education and procedures for granting the “Master” degrees

Approved by the decision No. 88 of the
Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Azerbaijan of May 22, 2010
1. General provisions
1.1. The Rules are prepared according to the Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other Legislative Acts. It regulates the content and organization of education and procedures for granting the Master degrees based on state educational standards.
1.2. Master degree course provides training of expert on the relevant specialties within the classification of master specialties approved by the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At this level experts are prepared on the base of Bachelor degree.  
Master preparation is carried out in study and research fields, such as culture, music, art, sport, architecture, design and, etc., differing with its features and demands a special ability. Cabinet of Ministries defines the list of specialties.     
1.3. The Rules are applied to all universities of the Republic, regardless of their subordination, property forms and legislative organization, and defined requirements for the content of education, relevant programs on different specializations, as well as training level of students.   
1.4. The Rules provide the improvement of education quality and staff training at universities, development of methodical principles, transparent appraisal of students; integration of the higher education system of the country to European education area, and recognition of education documents issued by the country in the international education field.    
1.5. Master degree course is conducted on a full and part time basis.
1.6. Full-time study is conducted over 1,5 – 2 years (part time over 6 months). This period is defined by the educational documents for different specialities.
1.7. Master degree courses of universities, regardless of their subordination and property forms, available for a fee, and free of charge.
1.8. Master degree courses of universities, regardless of their subordination and property, which have scientific and pedagogical personnel, material and technical basis, and educational infrastructure, are established by the Ministry of Education with consent of the Cabinet of Ministries.
1.9. Universities offer bachelor's degree courses are allowed to conduct the master degree courses on the relevant specialty.  
1.10. Admission procedures to the Master's degree courses are defined by the Cabinet of Ministries from 20 per cent of alumnus with a bachelor's degree (comparatively to the total number of students studied for a fee or free of charge).
1.11. Admission to the Master degree courses is conducted in accordance with the rules defined by the State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  
1.12. Admission of international citizens to Master degree courses is regulated by the relevant legislation.  
2. Demands for the education content at the Masters level and organization
of the educational process
2.1. Master’s degree is an educational process providing the training of high qualified experts in accordance with the demand for the second level of higher education.
2.2. Master's Preparation program combines the curriculum on different specialties, working programs (Syllabi), and other normative documents (assessment tools, individual learning plans, lesson and exam schedules, and experience rules).
2.3. The content of Master education combines education planning process and scientific research works, form and methods for their implementation, teaching load, the term of semesters, types of education (security, training, laboratory, etc.), volume of different subject modules, and demands for educational programs.
Planning of the education process and scientific research works is implemented based on the education plan (exemplary worker), discipline programs and work programs prepared on their base. The structure of these plans is defined by the university.  
Discipline programs are prepared by universities based on the demands for education programs, and confirmed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Syllabi on subjects are prepared and confirmed by the university.
Syllabi is prepared based on the appropriate discipline program, and reflect the description of the teaching subject, its goal and purposes, short content, term and types of lessons, their fulfilment date, consultation hours, information on teachers, demands on teachers, assessment criterions, intermediate assessment schedule, and list of used literature.
2.4. The content of the education at the Master's level consists of theoretical trainings, pedagogical and professional preparation, as well as scientific research works.
The theoretical and pedagogical training of the postgraduate student is delivered through lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical workshops, and, etc.  
The preparation of students in the scientific research field is delivered through dissertation preparation, and conducting researches via modern ways.
2.5. Structure of the curriculum in different specialties consists of education (humanitarian and general training, as well as specialty items) and scientific research units.
2.6. Organization of study at the Master's level is implemented by the credit system (European Credit Transfer System) based on rules approved by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the demands on state standards for higher education.
2.7. The attestation of students is conducted by point scoring system (100 points) defined by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  
2.8. The study year consists of two semesters (autumn and spring). Moreover, could be arranged a six-week summer term during the summer vacations.  
2.9. The full time course duration for theoretical training is 45 weeks, for scientific-pedagogical researches 8-week, and exam sessions 15-week. The contact hours are 12-16 – weeks.
12 weeks are allocated for preparation and defense of the thesis, and 14-weeks for vacations.
2.10. The weekly curriculum and extracurricular load (all educational, scientific-research and pedagogical) of students are 45 hours. The lesson durations are 12-15 hours.
Part-time study requires about 120-160 hours. The study year begins on September 15 and finishes according to the training plan.
2.11. Each academic hour is 45 minutes. Two academic hours are defined for all types of lessons. The break between academic hours should not be less than 5 minutes.   
2.12. Research works on the magistracy should be explorative and applied.
2.13. Scientific management over postgraduates usually performed by members of the faculty of the school with academic certificate or degrees, or persons working in other institutions and organizations that meet these requirements. Scientific supervisor could supervise no more than five undergraduates. Beside the Supervisor, the scientific adviser also could be appointed to the student if his research work consists of various sciences.
3. Specialized Councils on Master's Thesis Defense.
3.1. Master's Thesis defence is the final stage of education at the master’s level of higher education (depending on the specialty may be conducted the final exam).
3.2. Postgraduates are awarded a master's degree, which is handed over according to the decision of Specialized Councils established by the higher education institution. Persons, who graduated from this level of education, could continue their studies in doctoral studies.
3.3. Creation of Specialized Councils and organization of its work are determined according to the appropriate rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.
4. Final Master Certifications:
4.1. Students who fulfilled all the requirements of the Curriculum are admitted to the final certification.
4.2. Final certification consists of master's thesis defense and examinations on subjects of specialty. Master's thesis defense occurs at the meetings of specialized councils.
4.3. Requirements for content, writing, and defense of thesis are determined by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic.
4.4. Persons, who have fully complied with the curriculum on the educational program of Master level, and received higher academic degree “Master”, are issued by a state diploma in the prescribed manner.
4.5. Persons, who have not completed their Master's level for any reason, are given a certificate according to the procedures defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Certificate form is being approved by Cabinet of Ministries.