Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic to amend the names of secondary specialized schools

According to Articles 14.5.5 and 21 of the Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to bring names of a number of secondary specialized schools in accordance with the Law and considering proposals of the Ministries of Education, Health and Emergency Situations of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers, hereby ordered as follows:  

1. Rename the Baku Cultural and Educational Vocational School to Baku Humanities College, Shamakhi Cultural and Educational Vocational School – to Shamakhi Humanities College, Shusha Cultural and Educational Vocational School – to Shusha Humanities College, Ganja Musical Vocational School - Ganja Musical College, Sumgait Musical Vocational School - Sumgait Musical College, Shaki Musical Vocational School - Shaki Musical College, Shusha Musical Vocational School - Shusha Musical College, Agdam Musical Vocational School - Agdam Musical College, Agjabedi Pedagogical Vocational School - Agjabedi Pedagogical College, Astara Pedagogical Vocational School - Astara Pedagogical College, Shaki Pedagogical Vocational School - Shaki Pedagogical College, Baku Preschool Pedagogical Vocational School - Baku Social Pedagogical College, Baku Industrial Pedagogical Vocational School - Baku Industrial Pedagogical College, Azerbaijan Maritime Fishing Industry Vocational School - Azerbaijan Marine Fisheries College, Baku Food Industry Vocational School College - Baku Food Industry College, Baku medical school No.1 - Baku Medical College No.1, Baku Basic Medical School No.2 - Baku Basic Medical College No.2, Sumgait medical school named A. Aliyev - Sumgayit Medical College named A. Aliyev, Ganja Medical School - Ganja Medical College, Mingechevir Medical School - Mingachevir Medical College, Nakhchivan Medical School - Nakhchivan Medical College, Lankaran Medical School - Lankaran Medical College, Shaki Medical School - Sheki Medical College and Baku Fire-Technical School - Baku Fire-Technical College.
2. This decision comes into force from the signing day.
Artur Rasi-zade
Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Baku, June 16, 2010
No. 112