Chairman of the Board of Education of Azerbaijan: "The number of participants and winners will increase in future subject Olympiads"

The Republican subject Olympiads, organized on the basis of the new rules, met with great interest by the educational community.
According to APA, education experts, representatives of education departments, students, teachers expressed their views on the Republican subject Olympiads.
Elmina Kazimzade, education expert, said that the Republican subject Olympiad is a great holiday for schoolchildren. According to her, the Olympiad will play an important role in determining future careers of schoolchildren and in establishing relations between schools and partner organizations.
Ajdar Agayev, education expert, spoke about the importance of subject Olympiads: "Carried out measures give its positive results in education, competition is created among children. It also encourages them. For this time, the competition was held at a high level from an organizational, cultural-moral point of view, in terms of ideas and content. I think that the number of participants and winners will increase in future subject Olympiads".
Noting that there is a great interest in the Republican subject Olympiad, Malahat Murshudlu, education expert mentioned that the awarding of 240 winners is an indicator of increased interest in the Olympiad.
Education expert Nabatali Gulamoglu said: "We repeatedly witnessed the positive innovations, made by the Ministry of Education. Any Olympiad is an indicator of the development of education. The participation of 22000 pupils in the initial stage shows that scale development of education entered a qualitatively new stage".
Zeka Jafarli,  a 9th grade pupil at Bilasuvar lyceum-school complex named after National Hero Mubariz Ibrahimov, said that she participated in the Olympiad on history: "I gained 82 points in the regional round, 92 points in the zonal round and  won the right to participate in the republican stage. The Olympiad was held in a very fair and transparent manner. I gained 23 points in the republican stage and was awarded the bronze medal. We expressed our gratitude for the attention and the conditions created for us and promised that our success would continue".
Agababa Atakishiyev, representative of Guba District Education Department, also noted that the Republican subject Olympiads were held in a very fair and transparent manner. According to him, Ismet Agayev, who won a gold medal, was selected the "Best of the best".
Karamat Sadatov, chief of Methodology Cabinet of Bilasuvar District Education Department noted that a student of the Republican subject Olympiads took 2nd place in chemistry and was awarded the silver medal. 3 students took 3rd place in physics, history, geography, and were awarded the bronze medal. Thanks to the professionalism of the representatives of the Ministry of Education, all stages of the subject Olympiads were conducted in an objective and transparent manner.
Sergei Stepin, pupil of the lyceum named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva, said that the level of the Olympiad was very high: "I was very happy to win the gold medal and to be selected as the winner of the winners. I express my gratitude to the organizing committee of the Olympiad, teaching staff of our lyceum and Mikayil Jabbarov, the Minister of Education. I believe that I will obtain good results in International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in the country this year".
Seyran Safarov, physics teacher of the full secondary school No. 1 named after Rafiq Gozelov of Khilli settlement of Neftchala region, said that he had participated in all stages of the Olympiad for 16 years: "But this year the organization of the Olympiad was very different from previous years. First of all, preparation for the Olympiad was very serious from an organizational point of view. It was very gratifying to see high level of transparency during the Olympiad".
Islam Huseynov, Chairman of the jury on the subject of the Azerbaijani language and literature, noted that the Olympiad was held in a new format this year and as expected, this process met with a great interest of community, education workers and students: "Indeed, the Olympiad was organized at a high level. Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in an objective and transparent atmosphere. The work of jury was not affected at any level. Good conditions were created for students` applications for appeal and it was remembered as a positive change. The works, done in order to ensure comfort for the participants of the Olympiad and to organize their leisure time effectively, are commendable. All these measures inspire Azerbaijani schoolchildren to build self-confidence, to compete and win in the competitive environment".
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