Azeri Language and Literature Teaching Magazine

The Azeri Language and Literature Teaching Magazine holds a special position in the educational media history. The Magazine has served to the teachers’ community for over 55 years.
It was established in 1954 as a methodical addition to the Azerbaijan School Magazine. Its independent editorial office was created at the end of the 1990s. Then the magazine was published under the name of “Mother word.” Further, its first name was restored. 
The magazine is a scientific and methodical press body of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It monitors problems regarding with the teaching, promoting and studying of Azeri language and literature at private universities, as well as universities subordinated to the Ministry. The magazine serves to the protection of purity of language in accordance with the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, and illuminates directions of educational reforms according to the Law on Education.
Materials published in the magazine are about modern methods for teaching Azeri language and literature, as well as work experience of leading teachers. Moreover, it publishes articles commenting the new and modern approaches to the scientific and theoretical aspects of Azeri language and literature. What is more, during the methodical upgrade process is given a wide berth to pluralism, dialogue and debate. The magazine publishes translated scientific methodical articles of foreign magazines by taken into account the interest of teachers, and gives information on last successes of the world literature.
It publishes articles about Azeri language and literature teaching method in non-Azerbaijani sectors of secondary schools, work experience of leading teachers, programs and textbooks. Moreover, it gives information to our compatriots living abroad on the way how to learn our mother tongue. The magazine also publishes articles about philology and linguistics, teaching history of language and literature; important literary process occurred in the world, and innovations.
Articles and views on various articles of famous scientific and literary figures, Methodists and teachers were published in the magazine. It is safe to say that, the magazine is the coordination centre for school teachers and scientists working at the language and literature departments of the universities. Officials of the Ministry of Education and workers of Institute for Educational Problems are making recommendations to teachers in their articles published in the magazine, which are directing them methodically. Articles of the heads of language and literature institutes are periodically being published in the magazine as well. Academicians Agamusa Akhundov, Bakir Nabiyev, Isa Habibbeyli, correspondent members of ANAS Tofig Hajiyev, Nizami Jafarov, professors Yusif Seyidov and Shamistan Mikayilov are taken an active part in the improvement of magazine’s work as it members. The contribution made by the late professors Agammad Abdullayev and Aziz Afandizadeh to the formation and development of the magazine worth being noted as well.
Today the magazine, which remains loyal to its traditions, continues its activity in the new look and fresh content. It is changing in accordance with the ongoing innovations and tendencies in contemporary development.
Educational media are a closest assistant for teachers. A majority of advanced teachers made a progress by reading these media. From that point of view, the Ministry of Education provides any assistance to the magazine as needed and implements the necessary measures for its development.
Today, the government pays a great deal of attention to the development of Azeri language. Therefore, the importance of the Azeri Language and Literature Teaching Magazine rises. The staff of the Magazine understands its responsibility and looks for new ways for more efficient activity.