20 April 2014



To the attention of the citizens living in Ismayili, Shamakhi, Agsu, Gobustan regions!

Mikayil Jabbarov, The Minister of Education will receive the citizens living in Ismayili, Shamakhi, Aksu, Gobustan regions in accordance with reception table of the leaders of central executive power nder April, 2014 at 11:00, on April 21, 2014 in Heydar Aliyev Center.

Final stage of essay writing contest organized on April 12 among VIII-XI pupils, the pupils of primary vocational and secondary education schools by occasion of 91 th anniversary of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev in lyseum named after academic Zarifa Aliyev, has been performed.

Organizers of contest are New Azerbaijan Party, Heydar Aliyev Fund, The Ministry of Education, Azebaijan Trade Unions Confederations, The Ministry of Communication and Higher Technologies.

Anouncement of The Ministry of Education on the companies rendering education services in abroad

We would like to stress that, The Minstry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic doesn’t cooperate with any company about “State Program on education of Azerbaijan’ youth in foreign countires in 2007-2015” especially on the sphere of study in abroad and bear responsibility due to activities of these companies.

Mikail Cabbarov, The Minister of Education met delegation of Seong-Hyeong, Executive Director of Korean Export-Import Bank and Çoi Suk, emmergent and plenipotenciary ambassador of Korean Republic to Azerbaijan in April 11.

During meeting “Agreement on credit given by Economical Development Cooperation Fund for project on establishment of Vocational Training Center between Azerbaijan Republic and Korean Republic” and “Loan Agreement for project on establishment of Vocational Training Center between Azerbaijan Republic and Korean Export-Import Bank”.

By purpose to implement effective control on rendered services and conservation status of children in state-based child establishments functioning in the system of The Ministry of Education, video cameras have been installed in boarding schools.

Installation of video cameras also serves to ensure control mechanism on consumption in accordance with required norms of food and food’ quality given to children.

Charity campaign has been performed in Baku Vocational School No. 18 on 8-9 April, 2014.

100 pupils of secondary boarding school No.2 have been rendered barber service for the children deprived from parental care by pupil and the graduates studying at education group of lyseum under “Barber” occupation.

Opening ceremony of football contest for “Cup of Education” has been held in “Bayil Arena” on April 8.

29 university teams joined in contest held among the students of Azerbaijan’ higher school.

A qualifying round in subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics was held among talented students in general educational institutions of Baku city.

The main purpose of the qualifying round to identify the talented students and ensuring the development of their creative potential.