Contest held on “State Program on study of Azerbaijan youth in the foreign countries for 2007-2015” for 2014/2015 academic year ended.

Number of the students who have differentiating academic indicators, was more than the previous years in qualification process organized in higher competition environment. As a result of the interviews held by participation of the representatives of state bodies and higher education establishments, name of 571 students who obtained right to study in the leading higher education establishments of the world, has been added in the list of Program grant-aided-students. Graduating from the universities like Harward, Oxford, HEC Paris, MDBMI, these students will guarantee sustainable development of the relevnt spheres while returning Azerbaijan in a short time.
As main goal of State Program is to meet the demand for high skilled personnel of our country for a short perspective, preference has been given to further education levels after bachelor in this years’ selections. So, as a result of the selections 309 persons achieved chance to study at master degree, 44 persons at doctoral, 65 persons at residency degree. 153 students who demonstrated higher knowledge, foreign language training during interview, also the participants of international olympiad and who obtained SSAC indicators on the sphere of engineering, medical, information technologies determined as priority for our country, achieved chance to study at base higher medical and bachelor education levels. Fortunately, for the first time 9 persons achieved chance to study on important spheres like agriculture, 14 persons on organization and management of study.
It was generally observed that, most of students prefer to study in Turkey, Great Britain and other english language countries. In addition to mentioned countries, 29 persons achieved chance to study in Canada, 25 in Russia, 19 Australia, 16 in USA.
Preparation works on the direction of determination of contest conditions for the next academic year, are continued and students will be informed about final issues on the eve of new academic year.