Subject Olympiads play a crucial role in the revealing of talented children and youth, their encouragement and the creation of healthy competition in education. The main goal is to increase pupils' interest in receiving qualitative education and in knowledge, and to strengthen the sense of self-confidence, to determine measures under the direction of ensuring the development of their potential by identifying those who differ in talent and creative thinking on different subjects, and to create conditions for the preparation of pupils for specialty and vocational choice.
Subject Olympiads are organized in Azerbaijani language and literature, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science subjects by involving IX-XI grade students.
As a result of purposeful work carried out in this field, many deserving students are selected to participate in Olympiads on various subjects in schools and the control is tightened over their training. All of this has become one of the factors contributing to the Olympiad Movement. The winners of the places I-III are awarded with diplomas and medals and the winners of the fourth place are awarded with a certificate of honor.