The Best School and Best Teacher competitions are held according to the Order 2373 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of 4 September 2007, on establishing Best School and Best Teacher Awards. The competitions intend to develop general education system, and give extra stimulations to the activity of schools and teachers. The first competitions were held in the academic year 2007/08. They were organized on a transparent and objective basis, and the award of worthy candidates has gained public, especially teachers’ sympathy. The competitions aim to strengthen the competitiveness between schools and teachers, provide an opportunity to develop innovative activities, and improve the quality of education.
According to the Rules, indicators for schools, which documents will be submitted to the competition, will be assessed with 17 parameters by using relevant coefficients, as well as defined the total score for each school on the first phase of competition.
According to the results of assessment, pupils of IX classes, who will take part in the second phase of the competition, will take exams in mother tongue and mathematics, and XI class pupils except the mentioned subjects also in physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history of Azerbaijan, and foreign languages. The results will allow the study of education quality level at these schools. The assessment is implemented in accordance with the procedure defined by the Organization Committee.
In the third phase of the competition, members of Organization Committee will hold an audition for a 10 – minute presentation given by school directors. Presentations are assessed by members of the Committee with 10 points scoring system and based on these scores the final score will be defined.
At the end of the competition, scores gained in each three phases will be summarized and defined 50 schools, who have gained more score. 
The winners of the Best School and Best Teacher competitions held each academic year according to the Orders of the President are awarding relevant prizes.